March 6-8th, 24 hours a day


I am being evicted from the gallery, apparently my rent is too low, or someone wants to do something there. Who knows!

Either way, I was given extremely short notice, and as a result had to cancel a lot of shows and do some mental gymnastics as to how everything will be alright.
It's been a big part of my life here in Oakland, thanks to Kevin and Sue, who pioneered it as EgoPark.

Luckily I have another space where I will be reopening at some point soon to show art, and more!

I would like to invite all of you for a final show, one last party, a final stand against something.
Or just a goodbye, I guess we'll see.

There will be art, there will be performances, an opening on first Friday and Saturday.

More info soon.

Much love,
Adam Hatch